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User Agreement

Representatives of this site (the "service") they are not responsible for any content created by users and for accounts. The submitted materials express only the opinions of their authors.

The service is available only to users whose age is at least 13 years. If you are younger than the number of years indicated above, please do not register on this site. By registering in our service, you confirm that you have reached the specified age or your age is greater than the specified one.

All content that you add, upload, or otherwise provide to the service may be reviewed by members of the forum team. All content that you add or upload may be sent to third-party verification services (including, but not limited to, spam prevention software services). Do not add content that you consider personal or confidential.

You agree not to use this site to send or distribute any content that is defamatory, offensive, hateful, threatening, spam or similar. Content that may be offensive, contain adult content or other objectionable content, contain personal information about others, put copyright infringement at risk, encourage illegal activities or otherwise violate any laws. You are solely responsible for the content and any harm caused by it or your behavior.

We may delete or change any content added at any time, with or without reason, with or without notice. Requests to delete or change the content will be considered only at our request. We may prohibit you from accessing all or any part of our service at any time, with or without reason, with or without notice.

You grant us a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable and unlimited right to use, publish or republish your content within the service. You retain the copyright to the content.

These terms are subject to change at any time without notice.

If you do not agree to these terms, please do not register and do not use our service. Use of this service means acceptance of these terms. If you want to close your account, please contact us.


Dear users!

You have come to this forum for its further development, if this is not the case, we would ask you to leave. For everyone else, welcome to our best team, where you can find out the information you are interested in, or share your releases, developments and other interesting content.

1. The main provisions of the rules

1.0.1 Registration on the forum automatically means your acceptance of these rules and the need to comply with them.

1.0.2 All information available on the forum and posted materials are for informational purposes only. All messages reflect the opinions of their authors and the administration of the forum does not bear any responsibility for them.

1.0.3 The Forum administration is not responsible for the operability of links in topics created by forum users. The administration of the forum is not responsible for the correspondence of the title of the material and its content, which are published by users of the forum.
If the link or the material is not available, we complain through "Complain" in the topic where the link is dead. (if possible, we will ask the topikstarter to update the link)

1.1 Before writing and sending your first message to the forum, you undertake to carefully read and accept the general rules of the conference, as well as the rules of the section or topic of the forum where you will write.

1.2 Before creating a new topic, make sure that you create it in the appropriate section of the forum. The creation of topics in inappropriate forums is regarded as spam.

1.3 Before creating a new topic, make sure that such a topic is not discussed. To do this, use the filter by topic name, and also be sure to use the search.

1.4 When creating a new topic, give it a meaningful name. It should reflect the essence of your question or message. For names like these: "Pamagite pazhalusta", "Vasya answer", "I have a problem" - Your topic will be immediately deleted.

1.5 Do you post releases or retails, do you make requests for a script - there must necessarily be a detailed description of what you are looking for or posting in the topic.

1.6 For newly registered users, almost all links in messages are hidden by a tag with the condition that there is a certain number of messages or likes. You can see hidden links only after typing a certain number of useful messages or after acquiring an upgrade (for a fee).

1.6.1 User messages are not "counted" in all sections of the forum. Only in thematic and informative, determined at the discretion of the forum administration.

1.7 External links/links (URLs) do not need to be hidden under any tag. However, in some sections of the forum, it is possible to supplement this paragraph.

1.8 It is allowed to upload files in the attachment: pictures and your own code examples. Everything else will be considered warez and will be deleted. Users who do not comply with this rule will be warned. In case of repeated violation, they will receive a ban for 7 days or more.

1.8.1 Recommendations when publishing material with a link to download a file.


2 It is forbidden on our forum:

2.1 CRETINISM and IDIOCY, similar phenomena and manifestations!

2.1.1 Advertising is prohibited not in advertising sections, advertising of sites or resources in the profile, on the avatar, in the signature.

2.2 Forbidden! To create the same topics in different forums, it will be regarded as a flood.
Remember that this will not answer you faster, but on the contrary, they will block access to the forum (most likely for a very long period) and delete all your topics. If you saw that you made a mistake and created a topic in the wrong section, in no case duplicate it in another, this is a flood, for which there will be an imminent blocking without warning.
In this case, your actions should be as follows: get in touch with the moderator of the relevant forum, and explain the problem, he will move your topic to the desired section.

2.3 Prohibited! Double registration, and capture of nicknames. It is also prohibited to intentionally register a closely similar nickname, a double of an already existing one. Violators will be identified and blocked, and the administration reserves the right to reset the number of posts on all multiaccounts. Also keep in mind that the participant's account without a single message, as well as if it has not been active for more than a month, can be deleted, and the nickname is released for registration.

2.4 Forbidden! The use of obscene expressions (mat) is allowed only in extreme cases, when there is no way to do without it ;).

2.5 Forbidden! Using the e-mail of registered users of the forum for the purpose of sending spam.

2.6 Forbidden! Creating identical topics, use the search, perhaps the question you want to ask has already been discussed.

2.7 Prohibited! Insults of other forum participants in any form.

2.8 Forbidden! Inciting ethnic hatred or actions aimed at inciting national, racial hatred, humiliation of national dignity, as well as statements about the exclusivity, superiority or inferiority of users on the basis of their attitude to nationality or political views.

2.9 Forbidden! Limit your response to the words "thank you", "haha", "cool", "respect", "respect", "cool" or just insert a smile!

2.10 The following statements are prohibited: I join the request, +1, a cool program, a super script, etc. I.e. those that do not carry useful information. They will be regarded as a set of posts.

2.11 Statements by type: Re-upload (not visible under the high hyde), I'll download it, Download it! Regarded as Idiocy in its purest form = immediate blocking follows!

2.12 Forbidden! Public discussion of the actions of the moderators and the administration of the forum. In the case when the moderator exceeds the authority, you should write to the feedback. Discussion of the reasons for blocking the account is punished by blocking for a longer time!

2.13 Placement of huge images in signatures, signatures falling under paragraph 2.1
The restrictions for the signature are as follows:
1) the minimum number of messages for those who are allowed to write a signature is 30;
1.1) the minimum number of likes in this case is 10;
2) maximum of 2 lines in the signature;
3) one link/link, – maximum 600 characters with BB codes and 250 without;
4) hidden referral links are prohibited.

2.14 Soliciting as well as issuing (in any form) information from under the tags of the club and hyde.

2.14.1 It is strictly prohibited to distribute hidden/private material/content on other forums and public sites! If this fact is revealed, we will take all possible measures to block your account and prevent the distribution of private content outside our community!

2.15 Use appeals (requests) to forum users about clicking "Like" / "Like" in any form.

2.15.1 Cheating likes at the expense of other users. Cheating messages (a set of meaningless posts). Collusion with other forum users about cheating ratings.

2.16 Purchase and sale of accounts from our resource on other forums and Internet resources.

2.17 Using attachments to store files that violate copyrights.

2.18 The sale/resale of materials (texts, scripts, programs, etc.) falling under the concept of "BARYZHNICHESTVO" is STRICTLY prohibited on the forum.

2.19 IT IS PROHIBITED AND PUNISHABLE BY AN ETERNAL BAN - Downloading, grabbing, forum materials. Using robots or software to download content from a resource. Downloading more than 30 hidden materials per day. Opening/downloading more than 3 different forum pages at the same time (more than 3 forum pages in 1 second)

3 Optional:

3.1 The Forum administration, except in special cases, does not consider internal disputes between users.

4 Copyright Holders:
Information for copyright holders

Gross violation of the above rules will result in immediate blocking of your account!

The administration reserves the right to change and supplement these rules without direct notification of users.